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1.5.0 pubg white body hack | no recoil | no grass

Pubg new 1.5.0 new hack free download.Its very esy to download how to download your pubg hack on free.

Every people like to download free pubg hack 32 bit or 64 bit.But people don’t know how to download pubg hack or mod.Dot call hack call config. Pubg config 1.5.0 new on s20.

What is pubg config 1.5.0

  • White Body
  • No recoil
  • No grass
  • Less smoke
  • Less recoil
  • No sake
  • Car spreed 100 to 110
  • Black sky
  • Black vision
  • Enemy spotting

How to get pubg hack 1.5 on free?

Its very easy to download get free pubg config.Pubg white body download now gree yous on your ser ver on this time you need free download pubg hack

Pubg is most evey play free game thus time get get every version for free download. Now i am shoe you how to vet free pubg hack on free its very easy.

How to download?

  • Google drive
  • Telegram
  • Mega
  • Deopbox
  • Zappy

We ar provide many way to download pubg hack or config.

Download and enjoy


Google Drive

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