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English For Today
To prevent theft or robberies, constant security measures are
often necessary within the village / city area.
A community may have a problem-like it doesn’t have a primary
school in the village or locality. So the community members need
to discuss the issue in a meeting and find out how to set up a
school for their children.
Cooking should not be exclusively a woman’s job.
Young learmers must cultivate virtues and acquire knowledge and
skills to prepare themselves to carry out their roles as good citizens.
So they need to study formally in institutions.
To establish peace and harmony among the people in a locality /
village, experienced and elderly people often mediate between
quarrelling parties.
Only studying at school is not enough for young learners. They must
also acquire knowledge and skills at home as well as from the
media, clubs, games and sports, libraries and so on.
People in a society / locality often need to buy things at home. So
there are vendors who sell necessary things.
In a village or locality roads often need repairing for casy
movement of people and transport.
10 Along with acquiring knowledge and skills, the youth must cultivate
good qualities like genuine sympathy for the weak and the poor.
They should help the needy, show respect to others and have a
strong sense of dignity of work.
Discuss in pairs and write the answer to the following question:
What can we do at home and in the locality to become good citizens?
English For Today
Lesson 2: Knowledge, skills and attitudes
Discuss in groups the possible answers to the following question.
Then read the text in B and answer the question.
What else do you need in addition to food, shelter and company to
become a good citizen?
Read the text.
To be a good citizen, you have to prepare yourself to do good work in socicty.
Well, then how can you prepare yourself?
First, you need knowledge. Today’s society is knowledge-based. Without
having knowledge of modern sciences, technologies including ICT and
other necessary subjects, you will have difficulty living a good life. The
other arcas you, as a good citizen, should have knowledge about are:
our country, its constitution, geography and people
our state, its executive and legislative powers
our judicial system
our government and its structures and functions
our history, cultures, traditions, literature, moral values and religions
our socio-cconomic activities and educational system
Second, you need skills to do things. Knowledge is not enough. You must be

English For Today
Lesson 1: Can you live alone?
Look at the pictures below and discuss in pairs the following
question and suggestion.
Can you live alone in a house?
2 Make a list of the problems you think you will have if you live alone
in a house, e.g. having accidents, feeling lonely, etc.
Picture 2
Picture 1
Read the story and answer the questions that follow.
Long ago, a young man who lived in a village, found his life full of problems and
sufferings. Quarrels, ill-feclings, jealousy, enmity-all were part of everyday life
there. So he left his house and went to a jungle to live by himself. There he made
a nice little hut with wood, bamboo and reeds. “Ah, how happy I am here!” said
the man to himself.
But one day he found some mice in his hut. The little creatures soon made holes
in his blanket. So he brought a cat to kill the mice. The cat needed milk. So he
brought a cow. The cow needed grass and hay. So he brought a cowhand.
The cowhand needed food. So he took a wife to cook meals. Then children were
born to them, and the man found himself again in a family.
So nobody can live alone, unless that person is either an angel or a devil. People
need food, shelter, companions and help. They need to look after each
other. And if they live in a family or community, their needs can be fulfilled.
Hence living in society can make people
ood and happy citizens.
English For Today
Close your book and answer the question. What five things did the
young man do in the jungle? Now divide into groups of five. Tell the
story to the groups sequentially.
Answer the following questions. First discuss in pairs, then write
the answers individually.
Why did the young man leave his house?
Where did he make a hut? What did he make the hut with?
Was the man happy in his hut?
How did he find himself again in a family?
Where and how can a person be happy?
What is the moral of the story?
Look at the pictures (a-j). Read the texts that follow (1-10). Match
the pictures with the texts. Write the numbers of the texts next to
a, b, c, etc. The first exercise is done for you.

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