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How to make a facebook bot for free its my own facebook bot.Facebook bot making website making.I am show you how to make facebook bot

Read the text and answer the following question:
What is responsibility?
A responsibility is a duty or an obligation TO DO something. For example, you
have the responsibility to attend school and pursue your studies properly, to take
care of your parents in their old age, and so on.

You also have responsibility to
your society and the government, e.g. to help a neighbour in trouble or to cast
your vote if you are 18 or over.

A responsibility is also an obligation or a duty NOT TO DO something. For
example, you have the responsibility not to steal a book from a public library or
not to pile up your building materials on the footpath.

These are your
responsibilities as citizens. But there are responsibilities of the government as
well. Our government has the responsibility to provide for its citizens “the basic
necessities of life, including food, clothing, shelter, education and medical
care”. The government also has the responsibility to protect the fundamental
rights of its citizens which include freedom of speech and expression, freedom
of the press, freedom of religion, equality of all before law? etc.
English For Today
The knowledge, skills and attitudes you have gained at home, at school and in
society will help you to be aware of your responsibilities and to carry them out
effectively. Remember, discharging your responsibilities will be good for you,
good for your family and friends, and good for your society and country asa
1 The Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Part l.
2 Part 1, ibid (Tbid: abbreviation from Latin ibidem which means in the same book or
piece of writing as the one that has just been mentioned.)
Discuss in groups and write answers to these questions.
1 Which persons and institutions do ou have responsibilities for? Make a
list. The first in the list is done for you.
2 Make a list of responsibilities you have as a student at home, school and
in society.
3 Make another list of things you shouldn’t do at home, school and in society.
4 Who do you get help from to discharge the responsibilities you have
listed in C1? How do they help you?
5 Are there any difficulties in fulfilling the responsibilities? Briefly describe
6 Make a list of responsibilities other people have towards you. Briefly
describe what might happen if they fail to fulfill the responsibilities.
7 (a) What rewards are you likely to get if you fulfill your responsibilities?
(6) What penalties or punishments may you get, if you do not carry
out your responsibilities?
English For Today
8 What responsibilities do you think you can perform well when you go

English For Today
What responsibilities do you think you can perform well when you go
on a class picnic or when your school stages a play as part of its annual
prize-giving ceremony?
Look at the picture. Work in pairs.
Suppose this road is near your school. As students of this school, what
responsibilities do you think you have to get rid of this nuisance? Make
a list of things that you will do.
Unit Twe

English For Today
Lesson 1: Have you any favourite pastime?
Look at the pictures. What are the persons doing here? When do they
do these kinds of activities?
Read the conversation and answer the questions.
Anusha, what’s the matter? You’re wearing sports trousers, T-shirts,
sports shoes and carrying a bag! Where are you coming from?
And you look tired!
Not exactly, Tiya. I’m great because I’m just coming back from
the gym.
:Do you go to the gym regularly?
:Yes, I do. I go twice a week. It’s one of my favourite pastimes.
:Really! Going to the gym is your favourite pastime! You make
me laugh!
:Why not? I like sports because I like to be fit. I’m not a lazy
person like you!
: What do you do there?
:I do yoga.
:Don’t you have any other pastimes?
Hmm.. yes, I have. I like playing chess, painting, and reading
books when I’m free. I also like photography but I’m yet to learn
it. What do you do in your pastime’?
English For Today
I like watching TV, listening to music, reading books and
magazines, and playing games on the computer. I do like
gardening. But we don’t have sufficient space. So I do pot
planting. By the way, I don’t know much about yoga. Would
you please tell me about it?
Sure! I’ll give you an article on it. It will help you know about yoga.
I Why does Anusha like going to the gym?
2 What are her pastimes?
3 Make a list of Tiya’s pastimes.
4 How will Tiya learn about yoga?
Read the following texts. Then check (V) the statements below:
Yoga: Tap into the many health benefits
Understanding yoga
Yoga is a kind of posture and breathing cxercise. It brings together physical and

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